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This blog is a place that us sisters, (Cami, Jamie, Callie, Aimee and Suzanne), can share all the delicious things we find on the web and make at home. When our families get together, the food is often the thing we look forward to the most! We love to share recipes with each other and now we can share them with you! 

I am the founder of this little blog here and I am having so much fun with it! I am no food pro, but I sure love to cook, and I feel like I have a good eye for a delicious recipe when I see one. I love trying new things! I started this blog because the idea of having a whole blog just to talk about food and share recipes sounded like lots of fun. If you know me, you know I'm always talking about yummy things I've made or want to make! I also wanted a way to keep track of all these delicious discoveries if you will. :) I hate talking about myself, but I know for me it is fun to get to know a little about the faces behind all these blogs! I have been married for 6 years this June and we have a daughter who just turned 3 years old. My husband is just finishing up his Pharmacy Pharm D here in Hawaii. We will be moving back to our home state, Utah, in just a short time! I am learning so many things from all you great food bloggers out there. It is such a great community, thanks for welcoming me into it, with our little blog. I hope you find something tasty to try here at Delicious Discoveries! Thanks for stopping by!!!
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Hi I am Callie! I would cook all day long if someone would do my dishes and my fridge/pantry was always stocked with free ingredients.  Seriously dishes are the worst!  I have one adorable little girl, and my husband is pretty adorable too! Sorry ladies he's taken :)  I am proned to try dishes that involve dessert or bread-type things.  I wish I was more adventurous with meat.  Both cooking with it and eating it.  I don't think I've ever turned down a cookie.  My husband isn't a sweet eater but has learned that if he is ever offered any treat to smile, say thanks, and save it for me.  He brought home a sweet roll the other day after choir practice for me.  He did good!
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Hey I'm Aimee!  I have two beautiful daughters that brighten my days and a wonderful husband who actually is the creative genius behind this blog.  Yeah, he's pretty talented.  I'm one lucky girl.  We're going on 7 years of marriage and still like each other lots.  We met in high school and though it wasn't quite love at first sight, (he was sort of dating my best friend (don't worry, we're still besties) but that's another story) it was close enough and we've been BFFs ever since.  I've always liked food and have ALWAYS enjoyed cooking desserts, cookies, anything sweet.  But that's about as far as my "cooking expertise" went.  It wasn't until recently that I've started to branch out and cook new things and find out that I really enjoy it and I'm not that bad of a cook.  It all started with THIS blog.  My sister, Cami, would send us links to all of the new recipes she was trying and I decided to try them out.  Of course I started in my comfort zone--DESSERTS!  But as my confidence grew I started trying the "tougher" recipes and realized they weren't hard at all.  The "inner cook" in me was coming out and I have been loving it!  I hope that you find a delicious discovery or two to share and that you too will discover your inner cook!
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