Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yogurt Fruit Salad

 picture from Cookin' with Cousins

This salad always makes an appearance at all our family get togethers. We love it because one, it is really good, two, it is loaded with yogurt and fruit and three, it is super easy! You can whip this up in no time flat and have a delicious side dish to share at your next summer barbecue. You can make it as yogurty or as fruity as you want. You can even mix and match fruit and yogurt flavors. It is that easy. During those winter months, you can use frozen mixed fruit or strawberries and it comes out great too. Try it this summer, you'll love it!

My sister Callie is featuring this salad at her Cookin' With Cousins blog. Instead of using fresh fruit, she teaches a great way in how to incorporate your freeze dried fruits you may have in your food storage. They are always offering great ways and tips to use your food storage items. Check it out! 

Yogurt Fruit Salad
recipe from Delicious Discoveries

large carton strawberry yogurt
1 regular size container Cool Whip
3 bananas sliced
1 carton strawberries sliced
1 carton blueberries

Mix yogurt and cool whip together until combined. Fold in fruit until combined! You really can add as much or as little fruit as you want.

You can use it to top delicious waffles if you want! It is pretty darn good.
picture from Cookin' with Cousins



Oh yum!! This sounds so good!


YUM! My aunt made this for a family function and I keep forgetting to get the recipe from her! Thanks for saving me! I could probably have eaten the whole bowl she made myself!!!

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