Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cinnamon Bun Popcorn

My sister Aimee made this for her family and the grandparents. It was such a huge hit!!! She sent me the recipe and her review and this is word for word what she said. "OH....MY....GRACIOUS!  So super delicious.  Like really." Now if that doesn't make you want to try it, I don't know what will! She mentioned it is really sweet and be sure to cook your caramel for the amount specified so it is not gritty. Enjoy the wonderful concoction from Our Best Bites! 

Cinnamon Bun Popcorn
recipe from Our Best Bites

12 C popped popcorn (about 1/2 C kernels)*
1 C roughly chopped pecans
1 C brown sugar
3/4 t cinnamon
1/4 C Karo syrup (or honey makes a good substitution)
1 stick real butter (1/2 C)
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
3 squares almond bark

*You can use air popped or microwave popcorn. If using microwave, anything works, but I prefer a “natural” flavor that’s low in butter and salt.
Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Place popcorn and chopped pecans in a large bowl and set aside. Use a bowl that is twice the size you think you would need. A big bowl people! Combine brown sugar and cinnamon in another big, microwave-safe bowl. Like a 2-quart bowl or Pyrex measuring bowl.  It’s really important to incorporate the cinnamon into the brown sugar at this point. Chop butter into chunks and place on top of sugar mixture. Pour corn syrup (or honey) over the top of everything. Microwave on high for 30 seconds (just to soften the butter a bit) and then stir to combine. Return to microwave and heat for 2 minutes. Remove and stir and then microwave for 2 minutes more. By this point it should be nice and bubbly. Do NOT OVERCOOK, but cook long enough that it isn't gritty like! Remove from the microwave and add in vanilla and baking soda. It should bubble and foam a bit. Now pour it right over the popcorn and pecans. Stir right away, and stir lots. Take too long and the caramel will harden on you. Keep stirring until everything is well coated. Spread popcorn mixture onto a foil-lined jelly roll pan. It will be kinda chewy and stick-to-your-teeth-like. But we’re gonna change that. Place in oven and bake for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, take a piece out and let it cool. “Sample.” If it’s not crunchy enough, bake for another 5 minutes. “Sample” again. When it’s done, give it a final stir and let it cool off for a bit while you melt your almond bark (just nuke it in the microwave according to the package directions) If you want, you can spread out your caramel corn on a clean piece of parchment, waxed paper, or foil. Now, just use a fork and drizzle the melted almond bark over the popcorn mixture. When it’s hardened (pop it in the fridge to speed that process along) break into chunks and enjoy!
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Aimee & Brennen Fuller

I think I may try making the caramel sauce on the stovetop instead of microwave. Maybe it'll be easier to tell when the sugar has completely dissolved and avoid the caramel being gritty.


Oh my gosh, that looks fabulous. I could definitely see myself munching away on that. I hope you'll come by and link it up to Sweets for a Saturday #10.


Oh my...what an amazing treat. I'm going to have to try this out.

The Ericksens

mmmmmm! I am totally making this for my kids! Can't wait to try it!

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My daughter isn't a popcorn lover but if I make this should definitely eat it! Thanks for sharing.


Oh wow. I've had this at a local popcorn placem, and it is awesome. It might be dangerous to have the recipe =)

The Better Baker

My oh my oh my! I could devour this - what a brilliant idea. SO glad you shared!


WOW! I SO bookmarked this! : ) Thank you for sharing this great recipe. A lovely blog you have!

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